How Do I Activate My Kohl’s Charge Card? (2023)

How Do I Activate My Kohl’s Charge Card (2023)

Kohl’s Charge Card must be activated after receiving the email. Why was the Kohl’s Charge Card sent to you inactive? The answer is to protect your card from crime or theft. So we need to activate the Kohl’s charge card. If you don’t know how to activate a Kohl’s charge card, you need to learn the card’s procedure. Otherwise someone will activate your card and pay directly from your bank accounts.

There are many ways to activate a Kohl’s charge card, some of which we will discuss in this article.

How to Activate Kohl’s Charge Card Online?

Here are some steps to activate Kohl’s Charge Card through online method:

Step 1: Turn on your Computer or mobile.

Step 2: Launch your Browser (Chrome Browser Is recommended).

Step 3: Visit Kohl’s Card activation website Kohl’

Step 4: By using your Username and Password Login to your Account.

Step 5: Now, select the account icon (your profile name) located on the right corner.

Step 6: Next, Click on the menu to manage your account.

Step 7: Click on the Activate My card and enter the 12 digit Card Number.

Step 8: Now Provide the required information and follow the instructions on the screen for the activation process.

You will be notified on screen as well as on Gmail when your Kohl’s charge card is activated. You will be able to earn rewards and make purchases.

You can send email to Customer Service at

How to Activate Kohl’s Charge Card

How to Activate Kohl’s Charge Card by Phone?

If you are unable to activate your Kohl’s Charge Card online. Use your phone to activate a Kohl’s Cash Card.

  • Make sure you have all required information like (Card Number,Social Security number and other personal information)
  • If you have all these requirements then take the next step.
  • Call on the number (800) 954-0244 or (855) 564-5748 Or number which is provided on the packaging on the card 
  • Follow the instructions which is given by call audio and go through the whole process your Kohl’s Charge card will be activated easily 

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How to Activate Kohl’s Charge Card Online

How to Activate Kohl’s Charge Card at Store?

If you don’t know how to activate Kohl’s Charge Card online Or via phone. It is very simple to activate Kohl’s Charge Card at the store. Just going to close the Kohl’s store and buy something. After making the payment, your Kohl’s Cash card will be activated.

See how to activate your Kohl’s Card. If you want to use your card in a split second, you can go to the nearest store and shop right after you get it.

How to Activate Kohl’s Charge Card Via Mobile App?

Activating Kohl’s Charge Card through mobile app is very easy. Here are some steps you can take to activate your account:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download the Kohl’s app.

Step 2: Open the app when the login page open give your Username and Password.

Step 3:When you logged in navigate to the credit services section and click to activate my card.

Step 4: For verification enter your card number and other information

Step 5: Now follow the instructions which are given on the screen.

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What is Kohl’s Card?

Kohl’s Charge Card is a Retail Charge Card. Kohl’s Charge Card is used for purchasing only at Kohl’s store or for online Kohl’s merchandise.That’s card is different from others like MasterCard, American Express.

Do Kohl’s Cards Expire?

No, the Kohl’s card does not have an expiration date. You can use this card to make purchases at any Kohl’s store.

Can I use Kohl’s Card at Walmart?

No, the Kohl’s credit card cannot be used everywhere. You can only use the Kohl’s Card at a Kohl’s store.

Who Offers Kohl’s Credit Card ?

The Kohl’s Credit Card is issued by Capital One and is also known as the Kohl’s Charge Card.

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